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We prepare your RV for winter storage to ensure a worry-free spring opening for the camping season.


We remove the anti-freeze and inspect the RV for possible issues before your first escape from home.


We will repair your refrigerators when something goes wrong.

Air Conditioners

We maintain and repair your air conditioner(s).

Heating Systems

We service your heating systems whether it is electric, propane, or a heat pump.

AC/DC Electrical Systems

We work on your electrical systems as the modern RV has numerous electronics that you depend on a daily basis.


If you need plumbing services, we have got your back! WRVT can perform these for you as well.

Sewer Systems

This is a dreaded topic. No one wants to think of this system breaking down, but it does at times. We can assist you in this area as well.

Minor Roof Repairs

We can make minor roof repairs to get you to a dealer or home. We do not want to leave you stranded.

We will do everything we can to repair items that are required. We want for you to enjoy your RV and things do break. We are here to maximize enjoyment of your trip.

Are you a new owner and need information on how to operate the complexity of your RV? We are happy to assist you in learning your RV.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about your RV or refer you to another RV certified Technician in your area. Max time 10 minutes for free

Emergency Services

New Owner Training

Answer Questions


Accepts Credit Cards or Cash.

Service Area

First 50 miles around Elizabeth City is free, then a $0.39/Mile charge will be applied.

Military Discount

We offer a substantial military discount as a thank you to all service men and women.

Call For A Quote

We want to help people enjoy their RV. Call us and we can help you ASAP.

Need One Of Them? Give Us a Call Now!
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